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Sapienza NLP @ AACL 2023

Sapienza NLP will be at AACL 2023 with a new paper about the automatic creation of Multilingual Lexical-Semantic Dictionaries!

We are excited to announce that our paper titled LexicoMatic: Automatic Creation of Multilingual Lexical-Semantic Dictionaries has been accepted at AACL 2023!

LexicoMatic: Automatic Creation of Multilingual Lexical-Semantic Dictionaries

by F. Martelli, L. Procopio, E. Barba, and R. Navigli

Lexical-semantic resources such as wordnets and multilingual dictionaries often suffer from significant coverage issues, especially in languages other than English. While improving their coverage manually is a prohibitively expensive undertaking, current approaches to the automatic creation of such resources fail to investigate the latest advances achieved in relevant fields, such as cross-lingual annotation projection. In this work, we address these shortcomings and propose LexicoMatic, a novel resource-independent approach to the automatic construction and expansion of multilingual semantic dictionaries, in which we formulate the task as an annotation projection problem. In addition, we tackle the lack of a comprehensive multilingual evaluation framework and put forward a new entirely manually-curated benchmark featuring 9 languages. We evaluate LexicoMatic with an extensive array of experiments and demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, achieving a new state of the art across all languages under consideration. We release our novel evaluation benchmark at: